We wouldn't be who we are without such a valuable team driving our mission and ministry!

Thank you so much to the 2018 Board Members!


The Rt. Rev. José McLoughin, ex-officio

The Rev. Karla Woggon, Chair (2019)

Greg Townsend, Supervisory Board Rep (2019)

Bailey Parton, Secretary (2020)

Lee Berger (2018)

Anne Bleynat (2018)

Will Bryant (2019)

Sallie Carr (2018)

The Rev. Dn. Greg Erickson (2019)

Kathryn Florack, Camp Henry Director, ex-officio

Turner Guidry (2020)

Eden Lewis, Missioner for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, ex-officio

Frank Lockwood (2020)

Jill Meares (2018)

The Rev. Patty Mouer (2018)

Mike Newton (2020)

Michelle Robinson, Development Director, ex-officio

Sue Schwein, Chief Financial Officer, ex-officio

Jenna Sharrits, Staff Representative

Lauri SoJourner, Executive Director of Lake Logan, ex-officio

Jodi Sundeen (2018)