For, to, and from Camp Henry Parents

Although we want our kids to learn and grow, it can be difficult sending them away, even for just a few days.  At Camp Henry we want you to know that we take the responsibility of caring for your camper seriously. We know that they are your most precious gifts, and we thank you for entrusting them to us.  We also know that camp isn't just about having fun (although we do have a lot of that).  Camp is also about developing independence and friendships, communication and coping skills, self expression, character, and inner strength.  I could go on for ever about what Camp Henry has meant to me, but it would be better to hear it from former and present campers.  Enjoy these testimonials and we look forward to seeing your camper this summer!

Kathryn Florack - Camp Director

Camp Henry by Katherine H.   

Please Get Me! by Rev. Thomas Murphy 

"Camp is life changing. I have never been to any place that comes close to touching my heart and soul like Camp Henry. Growing up, the Camp Henry counselors were a huge part of shaping who I am today. The love that I received from counselors and other campers was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Now that I have served on staff as a counselor, I really value the opportunity of reciprocating the unconditional love that makes the camp spirit what it is today."

Bailey P.

"Camp Henry is the quintessence of life, love, and fellowship. I am so thankful for Christ transforming me every summer, without fail. There is something very special in that mountain valley."

Leah W.

"When I started as a 3rd grader at Camp Henry I never knew what it would mean to me. Through the years as a camper and then as a counselor I will never forget so many amazing people and memories had there. I still keep in touch with friends made through those years. And as of last year my daughter became a Camp Henry camper. She can't wait to come back and her younger brother is stoked to be starting his first Camp Henry experience this coming summer."

Clay Djmadmonk Bayne

"Camp Henry is my happy place. When I come to camp the whole rest of the world disappears and all that matters is you’re dancing weird dances and sweating till you look like you jumped in the lake. Camp Henry is the thing that I look forward to for the whole year, it’s just filled with so much love!"         


"I’ve been at Camp Henry for 3 days and have had a blast. I’ve met new friends, sang, dance, and swam. This is the best camp ever. There is so much to do and after dinner we play fun and wacky games! I would recommend this camp to anyone."


"Life's short don’t waste it on a screen at home! Go to camp!!"       


"Camp Henry is such a life changing experience; I just wish everyone could experience the love like I do here at camp." 

Peter Shores

"I love camp because I can be myself."


"One of my favorite parts about camp is that I get to make new friends." 


"What makes Camp Henry great? The loving counselors, who let us have fun and be free. The dancing, and singing, whether it be Shakira, Beyonce, or some hymns and songs sung in the church, but most of all the presence of god in the field, the chapel or at beautiful Lake Logan."


"Camp Henry is a small tight-knit community, stepped in tradition. However, it has this amazing ability to welcome, accept and unconditionally love ALL. It is a thin place that helped my challenge myself, grow in my faith and lean how to do life with others, all while love on campers and bringing the cray magic of camp to life."

Caitlin, Staff 2016-2017