Dates and Rates

Regular Session Dates 2019 (All grades correspond to the 2018-2019 School Year)

Sessions Dates Tier I Tier II Tier III
Senior High June 16-22 $585 $645 $695
Grades 7-9 June 23-29 $585 $645 $695
Mini Camp (Grades 2-3) (Half Week) June 30-July 3  $315 $355 $395
Grades 5-8 June 30-July 6 $585 $645 $695
Grades 3-5 July 7-13 $585 $645 $695
Grades 4-6 July 14-20 $585 $645 $695
Grades 6-8 July 21-27 $585 $645 $695

"Saturday Stay/Bridge It" ($75)

-Combine 2 back to back sessions and stay at camp on the Saturday in between sessions!

-Add a Saturday night stay to their session to make pick up/drop off easier or just so they can have one more day of fun!

*Available for 4th Graders and up

CHOS (Camp Henry Outdoor School)

Sessions Dates Tier I Tier II Tier III
CHOS Middle School I June 16-22 $645 $695 $755
CHOS Senior High I June 23-29 $645 $695 $755
CHOS Senior High II June 30-July 6 $645 $695 $755
CHOS Middle School II July 7-13 $645 $695 $755
CHOS Middle School III July 14-20 $645 $695 $755
CHOS Amplified (10 days!! 8th-12 Grades) July 21-31 $1075 $1125 $1175

LAMP: Leadership Adventure and Mission Program (10th-12th graders)

Sessions Dates Tier I Tier II Tier II
LAMP 1 June 23-July 6 $1005 $1100 $1250
LAMP 2 July 14-27 $1005 $1100 $1250

Family Camp

Sessions Dates
Family Camp I June 12-15
Family Camp II July 28-31

Family Camp Rates (per person) 

(Children under 5 are free!)

Housing Selection Tier I Tier II Tier III


(Register two people at any tier level and each additional participant for only $150)

$230 $250 $275
Cabin Rates  Adult $375 $400 $425
Youth (ages 6-17) $250 $290


Camping (does not include meals)

4 or fewer attendees, $140 for the site and programming

5 or more attendees, $190 for a 20x20 site and programming

**Meals can be purchased separately. ($47 per day for an adult, $36 per day for a youth)

**Sibling Discounts Available! $25 off! Enter Promo Code: 2NDSIBLING.

**Scholarships Available!! More than anything, we believe in the power of camp! 


Our Goals With Tiered Pricing

Realizing that families and individuals have different abilities to pay, Camp Henry has instituted a voluntary three-tier fee program. You may choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. It is really an honor system; you tell us what is affordable for your family. All participants receive the same Camp Henry experience no matter what they pay. For those who cannot afford Tier 1 additional financial assistance is available to ensure that all children have this wonderful opportunity to attend camp.

Tier I – Partially Subsidized. This is our historically SUBSIDIZED rate and does not reflect the true cost of operation camp programs. This is the rate you have been paying. This reduced rate is made possible through the funding we receive from the diocese, churches, foundations, organizations and individual donors who value the impact that the camp experience at Camp Henry has on children, youth, individuals and families.

Tier II – Direct Cost. This represents the DIRECT cost of camp. Direct costs include program costs, food, staff, and camp administration cost.

Tier III – True Cost. This rate more closely accounts for the TRUE costs of camp. True costs include all direct costs plus deferred maintenance, insurance, utilities, etc. Choosing Tier III gives you an opportunity to help us do more with the donor funding we receive. You help us stretch our limited scholarship funds further so more children can experience the power of camp. You help Camp Henry make needed upgrades and continue to grow in the future.

We are grateful to our donors for investing in our campers and making possible for us to offer a subsidized rate as well as scholarship. Again this program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience participants receive, yet it offers the opportunity for families and individuals to take an active role in supporting the true cost of the camp experience.